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Mouth Cancer Check

Cases of mouth cancer have increased by a third in the last decade, and it is predicted to increase in the coming years.

At Madeley Dental practice we know that we play a crucial role in detecting mouth cancer early, so we always carry out a mouth cancer check at every routine dental examination. We are ideally placed to do this thoroughly with the bright lights and mirrors we use.

How do we do this?

As part of the examination of your mouth we will inspect the soft skin of your mouth. This includes your lips, cheeks, palate and tongue. We may pull down your lip and pull out your cheek so we can see inside for any changes of colour or ulcers. We may feel you lips or cheeks or tongue to check for any lumps. We may ask you to stick your tongue out, and we may pull your tongue from side to side so that we can properly see the sides of your tongue and underneath your tongue, where many mouth cancers occur.

What are we looking for?

The simple answer is "anything odd". Mouth cancer can appear as anything from a lump, a white or red patch, or an ulcer that does not heal. If we identify areas that do not look normal, we sometimes monitor them as part of your ongoing routine care. If we are concerned, we will often refer you to a specialist in the hospital who may decide to investigate the area further.

What are the risk factors for mouth cancer?

Well you may not be surprised to hear that two thirds of mouth cancers are linked to smoking tobacco- cigarettes, cigars and pipe smokers are all at risk. Drinking alcohol to excess is linked to a third of all cases, and people who smoke and drink increase their risk further. Poor diet and the human papilloma virus are other risk factors and mouth cancer is higher in people with periodontal disease.

We want you to have the healthiest mouth possible, and all the information you need to reduce your risk of mouth cancer, and the reassurance that we will always check any areas that you have concerns about. Early diagnosis is really important, so please do ring for an examination if you feel there is something unusual in your mouth that needs to be checked. This includes:

  • Ulcers which do not heal in three weeks
  • Red and white patches in the mouth
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth or head and neck area

You can get more information about oral cancer from:

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