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Cosmetic Dentistry

Everybody would like a natural looking, beautiful smile.

There are many modern techniques we can use to improve the colour and shape of your teeth, and to make irregular spaced or misshapen teeth look more attractive.

Some techniques which may be suitable are:

  • Veneers - porcelain facings made to cover the front surface teeth to enhance their shape and colour.
  • Crowns - artificial covers or 'caps' carefully made to fit over the whole tooth. We can make these from translucent ceramic materials to give a natural appearance. We often use crowns for teeth which are broken down or have previously been filled where veneers are unsuitable.
  • Tooth whitening treatments - are sometimes used where teeth are discoloured.

Bridges and implants

These are methods of hiding spaces you may have from losing teeth in the past.

Bridges use anchor teeth on each side of the space to carry an artificial tooth.

Implants use titanium posts which are placed in the tooth spaces, replacing lost teeth.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss with you how we can design a more attractive and confident smile for you.